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Hello I´m Alexander!

I´m coming to Vienna and I hope to see you!

And I have a few questions for you:
  • How much of this wonderful, amazing and beautiful life do you allow ourselve to receive? 
  • How much beauty, love, power and sweetness can you experience?
  • How do you manifest you dreams and live in you truth? 
  • How can ti inspire and support others to do the same?

We do a lot of things that does not serve us. Things that makes us sick, life miserable and creates problems in our relations.

We can change a lot of that - and thats where I come in!

I want to contribute to a change, to more love, more presence, more curiosity… Less fear and control!

I´m artist, therapist, coach, event maker, meditator, project manager, inspirer, daka, teacher, enabler…
I organize workshops, events and give private sessions - and I work with human behavior, love, shame, sexuality, liberation, growth, challenges…

I would like to shake Vienna - at least a little bit.


Some of my tools are love, the body, sexuality, relationships, art, ideas, changes, spirituality, challenges, comunication, creativity…
I´m coming from 6 months in Colombia and my plan is to stay in Vienna to the end of June.
During those two months i will also start a project - 100 Vaginas from Vienna, a project against the sexual violence against women, offer a few workshops for personal transformation, offer sessions 1on1, a Vagina Party, create meaninful meetings and who knows what else… If you want to know why this is so important, read here.

And please, when you read, if you feel like this could be interesting - please do it at once. Don't wait. Contact me. Let´s see what happens - you never know…

After Vienna, I will go to Sweden and to Berlin…